Maddy Belskus

is a graphic designer based in Tempe, AZ. Letters are the thread that runs through her life: from reading voraciously as a kid to diagramming sentences in Spanish to designing custom letterforms to setting type for print. She has a keen sense of observation which propels her to make practical design decisions infused with personality. She lets language be the focus of all she makes so the message may be seen with clarity.

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Thalia’s Coffee+Snacks

Thalia’s Coffee+Snacks is a statewide study cafe with a strong emphasis on hospitality and sustainability. Such a unique setting needed a fully custom wordmark to draw in its largely student constituent and entice them to study there the whole day. A comprehensive brand guide was made for Thalia’s, so anyone could carry the brand forward with confident adherence not only to concrete brand standards but to an understanding of the company’s committment to the comfort of its customers.

custom wordmark ∙ brand development ∙ brand guide

ASU Art Museum Exhibitions

The ASU Art Museum is a contemporary art museum on ASU's Tempe campus. I develop or work with outside designers to implement custom identities for each exhibition and carry them throughout printed and digital materials to the public, such as vinyl and text educational panels, gallery guides, social media assets and more.

exhibition identity ∙ marketing

Consider the Lillies

The task for this project was to make an organizational structure from 15–30 disparate items of the same category. I photographed them then arranged them digitally to achieve a sense of cohesion. I always knew the pressed flowers I’d been collecting from vacations since age 10 would find a home. These flowers continue their lives on this page, in spatial balance and chromatic harmony.

photography ∙ animation

Within the Shell of the Novel

César Aira is an important Argentine avant garde author. This exhibition showcases his plethora of small books and lends a fresh new air to the worlds of his making. The information is presented in English and Spanish in a streamlined way, both in the exhibition space and this publication that accompanies it.  

exhibition identity  ∙  publication design 

Arc sans

custom body copy face comprising a full lowercase alphabet and punctuation.

type design